Welcome to TECFAMOO's enCore Xpress Interface

WARNING !!!!! Starting today (after a 3-year break) we start upgrading this interface) - 24 Mai 2005 !!!!

ATTENTION !!!!! A partir d'aujourd'hui on commence à faire des mises à jour - 24 MAI 2005 - désolé pour des éventuelles interruptions (mais ça fait 3 ans qu'on a plus rien fait).

"Moo sans ma grand-mère !"

See our MOO Page (technical information) and our MOO Project Page if you are interested in some of our MOO-related research.

Tecfa-Affiche Un Moo est un environnement virtuel textuel:

This interface is neither fully functional nor tested in detail.... watch out please ! It has been extraced from the educational enCore MOO core and adapted to TecfaMOO. For more information on the enCore project lead by Cynthia Haynes and Jan Rune Holmevik, see the collection of essays High Wired: On the Design, Use, and Theory of Educational MOOs. Available from University of Michigan Press. Also keep an eye out for the new text book, MOOniversity: A Guide to Virtual Learning Environments, forthcoming from Allyn And Bacon (2000). You can also consult the High Wired enCore web site or visit Lingua MOO (The Mothership).

Get enCore if you wish to start your own MOO (some programming and technical administration skills are needed).
- DKS (dec/2000 + dec/2001)